Consultation F(r)ee?


We charge a fee for an initial consultation.

However, we are willing to see you for a free consultation, if you are willing to donate a minimum of $350 to one of these organizations which support the rights of immigrants:

HIAS At 120 years old, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is the oldest international migration and refugee resettlement agency in the United States.  We assist persecuted and oppressed people worldwide and deliver them to countries of safe haven. Since our founding in 1881, we have rescued more than four and a half million people.

Catholic Social Services, Immigration Project  This program was the Southeast�s first fully accredited pro bono service outside of Miami to help people from other countries to become U.S. citizens and to assist them with immigration-related legal services.  Established in 1975, CSS's resettlement program is the oldest resettlement agency in Georgia.  It resettles more than 500 refugees and reaches out to more than 5000 immigrants per year.

International Rescue Committe   For the past 66 years, IRC has helped victims of political, racial, religious and ethnic persecution, as well as people uprooted by war, violence and famine, throughout the world.  Today,it is the largest private nonsectarian refugee resettlement and relief agency in the U.S.

ACLU Immigrant Rights Project  The Immigrants' Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation was established in 1987 to expand and enforce the civil rights and civil liberties of non-citizens and to combat public and private discrimination against immigrants.

When you come in, bring a check or money order payable to one of these organizations, or a receipt for the minimum donation within the last 12 months, and the first 30 minutes of your consultation is free!